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Tuesday, November 8

Time 12h30 - 13h00
Title Accelerating time to market with an open, integrated end-to-end IoT platform
Speaker Frank Harder, VP Business Development, Samsung
Abstract Today, businesses struggle to build IoT solutions in-house, grappling with the tasks of building a development infrastructure, adding new expertise, and managing cumbersome integrations. In this session we will cover how Samsung ARTIK™ can help companies quickly bring new IoT solutions and services to market, get intelligence from their connected products, and create new revenue streams to grow their business.


Time 13h00 - 13h30
Title Transformation that is enabled by Internet of Things
Speaker Jason Lynch, Director of IoT Strategy, Analog Devices
Abstract Widespread IoT adoption within industrial, healthcare and automotive markets will only accelerate if there is clear value from the investment. Value creation at the sensor is a key enabler of IoT. Smart value creation across an IoT chain transforms data into knowledge and insight but is dependent on leading edge technology and solutions to unlock this value. We will discuss some key challenges to empowering “Smart” IoT development. Solutions need to solve complicated system and domain problems all the way from the sensor to the cloud. We will share some examples."


Time 13h30 - 14h00
Title Securing machine identities in Industry 4.0 throughout the whole lifecycle
Speaker Martin Klimke, Senior Principal Technical Marketing, Infineon Technologies
Abstract With the growth of smart factories, connected systems are used to transfer critical information. This communication must therefore be secured from manipulation and eavesdropping. To protect communication solutions supporting authenticity, confidentiality and integrity are required. Related cryptographic keys and processing algorithms have to be protected. Safeguarding key material has to be ensured for the whole lifecycle of the automation device, already starting in the production when keys are injected into the device. In this presentation you will learn more on how embedded, personalized security controllers improve security of related devices and reduce the cost for security measures in manufacturing. Besides that, their application in different system types and use cases are illustrated and solutions are shown.


Time 14h00 - 14h30
Title Predictive Analytics, Simulation and the Digital Twin
Speaker Fabrice Pena, Senior Vice President, ANSYS
Abstract The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is changing the way the world designs, connects and optimizes industrial assets. The IIoT combines the industrial sector — which includes countless pieces of industrial equipment, machines, production facilities, plants  and networks — with the power of data gathering, computing, communications and information technologies. Bringing together the power of data analytics and simulation, the creation of a digital twin allows to achieve predictive and prescriptive maintenance and to optimize industrial assets management. Discover how simulation-driven product development can assist you in design and analysis of your equipment and the systems that control them so you can meet your IIoT engineering and business objectives. Topics will include the creation of a digital twin through system-level modeling and simulation, integration with 3-D physics analysis and model-based systems and embedded software engineering (MBSE).


Time 14h30 - 15h00
Title 60GHz Sensing with Infineon Transceiver
Speaker Uwe Rüddenklau, Director Program Management mm-Wave, Infineon Technologies
Abstract Infineon's mm-wave transceiver product family allows one to send >1 GB/s data rates over a wireless mm-wave link.  Infineon's RF expertise and technology capability enable more applications such as sensing and RADAR.  Both GaAs and SiGe technologies are used to realize mm-wave transceivers.  Infineon's V-band transceiver chip integrates all RF building blocks into a single chip.  This single chip solution combines both data communication and sensing.  By co-developing the chip and package using eWLB (embedded Wafer-Level Ball Grid Array), Infineon realizes a compact design in a plastic housing.  Furthermore, integrating the antenna in a package allows a simpler design at lower cost.  These transceivers allow new 60 GHz sensing applications.  These new applications include camera, time-of-flight, pressure, and others to create new "wow-features" in customer devices.


Time 15h00 - 15h30
Title MIPAQ Pro - A new dimension in smart protection
Speaker Björn-Christoph Schubart, Product Marketing Manager, Infineon Technologies
Abstract This High Power (1.3MW) IPM integrates IGBTs, gate drivers, a heat sink, sensors, digital control electronics as well as digital bus communication. Its embedded protection technologies and Tvj calculation on the integrated industrial microcontroller XMC4500, monitor all key operating parameters continuously and issue warning or switching signals. At the Tvj simulation the switching and conduction losses are accumulated synchronously for each switching operation and a time-dependent, transverse thermal model is employed based on the measurement of the NTC temperature on DCB, even cross-talk between IGBT and diode is taken into account. Moreover up to four paralleled MIPAQ™ Pro occur as one unit for the controller, since they are paralleled by daisy-chain and facilitated by adjustable delay settings that ensure a balanced set-up of the overall inverter. Furthermore an Infineon security microcontroller is integrated to assure the high quality and reliability of the original system in the long run and benefit system manufacturers with control over the after-sales business, since power stages can also be authenticated.


Time 15h30 - 16h00
Title Next Generation SAR ADC Simplifies Precision Measurement
Speaker Maithil Pachchigar,  Product Applications Engineer, Analog Devices
Abstract This talk will discuss the common pain-points encountered in designing a precision data acquisition signal chain and how to address them using the AD400x family. This talk will cover the ease-of-use system-level benefits of the AD400x family, its product roadmap and performance results (including 20-bit). We will also cover key application examples and how the AD400x creates application-level impact in multiple end markets.


Time 16h00 - 16h30
Title Ultra Compact Intelligent Power Module for High Efficiency Refrigerator Compressor Drives
Speaker Danish Khatri, Principal Technical Marketing & Applications Engineer, Infineon Technologies
Abstract We introduce a new family of ultra-compact 8x9mm surface mount Intelligent Power Modules (IPM) designed for refrigerator compressor drives. Utilizing Infineon’s CoolMOS™ line of ultra-low RDS(ON) MOSFETs greatly improves efficiency at light-load conditions while maintaining high efficiency at nominal load conditions. With a thickness of only 0.9mm, the new µIPM™ family is the smallest form factor available for refrigerator compressor drives. The family consists of half-bridge modules making it a flexible solution for both single-phase linear compressors and 3-phase rotary compressors. The module family also features overcurrent protection, fault reporting and shutdown functions that can be daisy chained to interface with one microcontroller. 


Time 16h30 - 17h00
Title Electrometer-grade op amp enables simple measurement of the photoelectric effect
Speaker Scott Hunt, System Applications Engineer, Analog Devices
Abstract The Photoelectric Effect, discovered in 1887 by Heinrich Hertz and later explained by Albert Einstein, was a major step in the development of Quantum Physics. This talk will explain a photoelectric effect demonstration using the ADA4530-1 (Electrometer-grade Op Amp) and AD5791 (20-bit DAC), and how they are used to measure photon energy, the flow of electrons ejected in response to light, and the determination of the work function of the surface of the photoemissive material.